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About career and transformational management, with Petre Nicolae.

General Manager of CBC Romania since 2005, Petre Nicolae stands out in the Romanian business market with extensive experience in transformational consultancy, organizational and strategic management, business coaching, team building, and integrated transformational training. With over 15 years of experience in business leadership, Petre Nicolae has dedicated himself to consultancy since 2003, specializing in strategic and organizational management.

Under Petre Nicolae’s leadership at CBC Romania, the company launched the only program in Romania aimed at general managers and top executives, becoming a benchmark in the field of transformational training and consultancy in Romania. Holding a Ph.D. in Sales and Marketing Management and an EMBA from CNAM Paris, Petre Nicolae possesses the expertise to become one of the most important consultants in the Romanian market in the areas of strategic management consultancy, coaching-mentoring, recruitment, and head-hunting.

The GM Master Class Academy training program is the only one in Romania that offers an accredited certification from Romanian state bodies according to COR. It is structured with four mandatory modules and two optional ones: organizing and reorganizing a company, process and organizational systems mapping management, performance management, strategy development and implementation, coaching techniques for managers, and leadership coaching. The majority of program participants come on the recommendation of graduates who believe the program significantly improved their business leadership skills, and they share their experiences within CBC.

The program’s development has been a success for CBC Romania, with the company recording a 27% growth in revenue in 2014, demonstrating that Romania needs such development programs for top managers.

Petre Nicolae has had an interesting career marked by numerous changes. Over the years, what seemed like a significant moment in his career, such as an easy promotion to a supervisor role at Interbrands, was later discovered to be a mistake or, at least, a hasty decision with drawbacks that became apparent later on. One such moment was easily advancing to the position of General Manager at European Drinks, as well as breaking into the top 5 in the market it operates in. Guided by the motto “Strategy for Performance,” CBC, under his leadership, provides a solution for managers looking to build sustainable strategies and organic company development.

In recent years, Petre Nicolae has focused on recruitment and head-hunting for large national or multinational companies. Disappointed by employers’ tendency to prefer seniority over the employees’ skill level, Petre Nicolae has encountered difficulty finding suitable candidates for leadership positions. In some situations, he has had to hire better-prepared individuals with more experience from abroad.

Another issue facing Romanian employees is the frequency of burnout, according to Petre Nicolae. The moment of physical and mental exhaustion for employees lacking challenges, who haven’t improved their skills, can become a danger to the company when they hold top-management positions. This situation applies to an increasing number of employees over 40 who, losing their jobs, face serious challenges when seeking another position, especially if their level has stagnated in recent years.

Being a professional in his field, Petre Nicolae believed it was important to provide honest feedback to those applying for the jobs offered. However, this was negatively received by Romanians. An unpleasant experience in this regard was created by some candidates who received negative feedback after applying for jobs where Petre Nicolae was doing head-hunting. Dissatisfied with the feedback, they started a negative campaign against CBC on most professional websites. It was one of the moments when Petre Nicolae concluded that Romanians prefer to be lied to; they don’t want to know exactly where they stand. Therefore, he now provides only filtered feedback.

This year, Petre Nicolae aims to open the first Marketing Academy in Romania, where the methodology of marketing consultancy will be transferred. The program will operate based on the methodology transfer model, which has proven to be fruitful, ensuring remarkable results. In this way, Petre Nicolae contributes valuable know-how to the marketing field, a growing sector, helping Romanian specialists align with European companies’ standards through involvement and passion for the business sector in Romania.



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