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Eduard Catargi creates premium cosmetic products (GOJI REPUBLIC) that are sold all over Europe.

Eduard Catargi, CEO and founder of GOJI REPUBLIC, gave up a promising career in law to venture into agriculture and later into natural cosmetics, alongside Iulia Catargi and Cristina-Simona Anghel. This team managed to create premium natural cosmetics, emphasizing the extraordinary potential of the goji fruit from Romania. A significant moment in the rise of GOJI REPUBLIC was the establishment of their own research laboratory, led by Dr. Leonard Boroș, a strategic move that allowed the brand to innovate and develop high-quality cosmetic products.

C&B: Describe your activity – What does GOJI REPUBLIC mean?

Eduard Catargi: GOJI REPUBLIC represents the essence of innovation and passion for nature, translated into a range of premium, 100% natural cosmetic products made from organic Romanian goji. For us, GOJI REPUBLIC means more than a brand; it is a promise to our customers that they can enjoy high-quality, responsible, and effective care that values local resources and promotes a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Our activities range from the organic cultivation of goji fruit in the heart of Transylvania to the research and development of innovative formulas that combine tradition with modern science to offer skincare solutions adapted to diverse skin needs.

C&B: How would you describe your EVOLUTION story? With risks, advantages, disadvantages

Eduard Catargi: My evolution story is one of having the courage to embrace the unknown and turning passion into a successful business. Leaving behind a promising future in law for goji farming and later for the cosmetics industry, I navigated numerous challenges, from a lack of experience in completely new fields to the initial skepticism of the market. However, the risks were outweighed by the satisfaction of building something valuable and sustainable, contributing to the local economy, and promoting an authentic Romanian product in the natural cosmetics market. The advantages came from the ability to innovate and offer high-quality products that meet real consumer needs, while the disadvantages turned into valuable lessons about perseverance, adaptability, and the importance of a united team.

C&B: What does a GOJI plantation in Romania involve, and what sets you apart from other crops?

Eduard Catargi: A goji plantation in Romania involves, first and foremost, a commitment to organic farming practices and special attention to the acclimatization and homologation process of the Romanian goji variety, “Kronstadt.” The major difference with us is the emphasis on quality and sustainable cultivation methods, which not only respect the environment but also ensure a superior nutritional product. Our goji culture is treated with the utmost care, from the careful selection of soil to the ecological processes of care and harvesting, thus guaranteeing a goji extract of the highest quality for our cosmetic products.

C&B: Was the lack of experience in the cosmetics field not a barrier in developing the business? How did you overcome it?

Eduard Catargi: Initially, the lack of experience in the cosmetics field was a significant obstacle. However, we overcame this barrier through close collaboration with experts in cosmetology and plant biology, as well as the unwavering dedication of the entire team, who brought passion and vast knowledge to the field. We invested in research and development, meticulously tested each product, and continuously learned from our customers’ feedback. This proactive approach and our openness to learning and adaptation allowed us to build a solid business and offer products that meet and exceed consumer expectations.

C&B: UNIQUE performances, still maintained. What was needed to get here?

Eduard Catargi: To maintain and continuously improve the unique performances of GOJI REPUBLIC, a combination of innovation, dedication, and strategic vision was necessary. We tirelessly focused on quality, from selecting raw materials to production and packaging processes, and cultivated a trust-based relationship with our customers, communicating transparently about the benefits of our products. Constant investments in research and development, collaboration with renowned experts in the cosmetic and agricultural fields, and our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility played a crucial role in achieving these performances. Additionally, our adaptability and openness to innovation allowed us to respond quickly to market changes and consumer needs. This journey requires passion, long-term vision, and a dedicated team that believes in the mission and values of the brand.

C&B: What does your investment mean for the agricultural sector in Romania?

Eduard Catargi: Our investment in the agricultural sector in Romania represents a firm commitment to sustainability, innovation, and the valorization of local resources. By developing the organic goji plantation and promoting a Romanian variety, we contribute to the diversification of Romanian agriculture and the national and international recognition of the quality of local agricultural products. Furthermore, through our ecological practices and investments in research, we aspire to be a model of good practices and inspire other farmers to adopt sustainable cultivation methods. The investment in the agricultural sector also represents an economic boost for local communities, creating jobs and supporting rural development.

After months of research, “HYDRA SENSE Night Potion” appeared, and until their first research and development laboratory, there was “just a drop”.

Eduard Catargi: The story of GOJI REPUBLIC in the cosmetics field began with the development of “HYDRA SENSE Night Potion,” a goji-based serum that marked a crucial moment in our journey. This initiative, the result of countless months of research and development, was our first step in maximizing the remarkable properties of organic Romanian goji fruit. Our beginnings, though modest, were full of determination and passion, leading to the creation of a serum that set high standards for everything we would subsequently offer. While “HYDRA SENSE Night Potion” began its journey, our determination to innovate pushed us to expand our portfolio, adding face, hand, and body creams, each benefiting from the valuable nutrients and antioxidants of Romanian goji. This expansion was accompanied by a significant moment in the brand’s evolution: the establishment of our own research and development laboratory. Under the guidance of Dr. Leonard Boros, we managed to delve deeper into the potential of natural ingredients, which strengthened the scientific foundation of our products and opened new horizons for innovation.

Organic Romanian goji, appreciated throughout Europe

Creating the laboratory represented a turning point, marking our transition from a promising start to establishing a respectable presence both in the domestic market and on the international stage. Our commitment to quality, supported by rigorous scientific research and innovation, made GOJI REPUBLIC products not only appreciated but also sought after for their beneficial effects on the skin. Thus, the laboratory not only enriched our ability to create revolutionary formulas but also reiterated our dedication to excellence in natural cosmetics, solidifying our reputation as pioneers in using organic Romanian goji.

C&B: What are the life and work principles you follow?

Eduard Catargi: Integrity, passion, innovation, and sustainability. I firmly believe in the importance of acting with honesty and transparency, pursuing excellence through passion and dedication, embracing innovation to find creative solutions to challenges, and operating in a way that respects and protects the environment. These principles help me stay grounded in my values, build lasting relationships, and contribute to a better future.

C&B: What factors have influenced your activity as an entrepreneur?

Eduard Catargi: My activity as an entrepreneur has been profoundly influenced by my legal education, which taught me to analyze complex situations, think critically, and take calculated risks. Ambition, perseverance, and the desire to make a significant difference in my field were also key factors. The experience gained in various sectors and collaborations with professionals from diverse fields provided me with a broad perspective and encouraged me to explore new opportunities.

C&B: What is your opinion about society and its evolution?

Eduard Catargi: Society is in a continuous process of evolution, and recent years have shown us how quickly things can change and how adaptable we must be. I see an increasing awareness of the importance of sustainability, health, and quality of life, confirming that the direction we are heading in is a positive one. This evolution has validated our efforts and motivated us to continue innovating and contributing to the common good. Currently, we are working on a long-desired project: expanding our presence in pharmacy chains and retailers nationwide and across Europe. In the near future, our customers will be able to purchase GOJI REPUBLIC products directly from pharmacy and store shelves.

C&B: What are your future ambitions?

Eduard Catargi: Our future ambitions include consolidating GOJI REPUBLIC’s presence in every home in Romania and expanding the brand internationally. We aim to be recognized as leaders in the premium natural cosmetics field, constantly innovating to create products that add value and actively promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. In addition to developing our product range, we aspire to increase our positive impact on the community and the environment by integrating principles of social and ecological responsibility into all aspects of our activities. We also aim to educate and inspire consumers to make more conscious and informed choices regarding personal care and the impact on the planet.

In the long term, we aim to become a success model for other Romanian companies that wish to combine tradition with innovation, promoting the quality and uniqueness of local products globally. We will continue to invest in research and development to discover new ways to harness the extraordinary potential of our organic Romanian goji fruit and other natural ingredients, to offer advanced, effective, and accessible skincare solutions.

In conclusion, our vision for the future is ambitious and comprehensive, focusing not only on commercial growth and success but also on the positive contribution we can make to society and the environment. Through dedication, innovation, and respect for nature and people, GOJI REPUBLIC aspires to be more than a brand – to become a symbol of a brighter, healthier, and more sustainable future for all.



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