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Flash interview with Vasilica Zuld, General Manager of Snap-on Romania

Vasilica Zuld, General Manager of Snap-on Romania, is a balanced, sociable, and innovative individual for whom professionalism and integrity are the foundations of success. Her extensive experience in operational management has kept Vasilica always connected to the IT field, staying informed about market trends. Always there for the people she works with, she has managed to stay close and give meaning to the “human touch.” Adaptability to situations and people is her anchor in reality.

C&B: What has been the greatest desire related to your professional activity?

Vasilica Zuld: I have always wanted to work with people and give back to the community as a thank you for everything I have learned. Over time, I have been directly responsible for the growth of companies and the proper functioning of the strategies developed for them. All the positions held over time have helped my professional and personal development. In general, things happen naturally, so all my preparation and work have brought opportunities to take on top management roles (e.g., HR Director, Executive Director). I am currently the General Manager of Snap-on Romania.

C&B: With changing roles, have you had to change your own vision?

Vasilica Zuld: No. My vision has remained the same over time and has focused on the help I can provide to those around me, personally and/or professionally.

In recent years, I have learned how to establish a healthy balance between personal and professional life, and this gives me more fulfillment on both fronts.

C&B: Who is Snap-on Romania?

Vasilica Zuld: Snap-on Romania is a product company, recognized as a provider of complex software applications that serve the global Snap-on business.

C&B: Why in Romania?

Vasilica Zuld: Snap-on’s collaboration with engineers in Romania has been ongoing for over 16 years in various setups. The high level of expertise of Romanian engineers has been and continues to be the main reason Snap-on decided to open its own engineering center in Romania in August 2021.

In approximately a year and a half, Snap-on Romania has grown to over 130 employees, and the number continues to increase, based on organic development driven by business needs.

Snap-on Romania, as an engineering center, provides solutions for its own business. The complexity of the business and projects comes with the vast domains of activity Snap-on operates in. Industries such as automotive, aviation and aerospace, collision, construction and agriculture, electronics, heavy-duty trucks and fleets, medical devices, military and defense, mining, oil and gas, power generation, or schools and students are just a few of the key industries we operate in.

In addition to the professional complexity and challenges we offer in the market, we aim to provide autonomy and flexibility to people who join us. Following the current trend, each of our colleagues has the opportunity to work from anywhere in the country.

C&B: What do you consider defining for Snap-on?

Vasilica Zuld: In an unstable world, Snap-on has demonstrated trust, balance, and continuity for over 100 years, and Snap-on Romania maintains these same principles in the IT market in Romania.

C&B: What advice do you have for those at the beginning of their journey or undecided?

Vasilica Zuld: I will try to state the ones I believe in the most. Do what you love and try to be the best in the field you have chosen! Rewards will not be late in coming.

As long as you set out with preconceptions, you will undoubtedly encounter them. We, the people, are the ones who form a society, a business, or a career. Work for what you want! Allow yourself to make mistakes! Be open to change and always learn something new!



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