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From Code to Leadership: The Technological Journey of Alexandru Nitu

Alexandru Nitu, as the CTO at Axes Software, is recognized as a dedicated and passionate professional, noted for his innovative solutions in the field. He continually seeks to find creative solutions for encountered problems and has made this a specialty. He has studied algorithms at an advanced level and developed fantastic abilities for programming and software development.

C&B: Describe your activity!

Alexandru Nitu: As the head of the R&D department and CTO at Axes Software, I have the privilege of leading and guiding our efforts in technological research and development. Axes Software is an innovative technology company specialized in developing custom software solutions for logistics. Our team is dedicated to creating innovative and efficient products that meet the specific needs of our clients. At Axes Software, I had the opportunity to collaborate with prestigious clients from various industries, including AD Auto Total, Aqua Carpatica, Auchan, DSV Solutions, Mob Expert, Renault, and Vel Pitar. These collaborations have contributed to strengthening our expertise and developing high-quality software solutions tailored to their specific needs. As CTO, my mission is to lead our innovation and technological development efforts. I work together with our teams of engineers to identify the best practices and technologies and ensure that our products remain competitive and relevant in the market.

C&B: What’s the story of your evolution?

Alexandru Nitu: My story begins at the age of 16, in 2012, when I entered the world of technology as a website administrator. This experience captivated me and opened the path to software development. A few months later, I had the opportunity to join the Axes Software team as a junior developer, where I found an environment conducive to personal development and career advancement. Since then, I have been captivated by the challenges and opportunities in the technology field. Over time, I have advanced within the company, moving from the role of junior developer to Product Owner for the TMS application, where I learned to manage and lead complex projects. This experience developed my leadership skills and opened the door to new opportunities. In recent years, I had the chance to hold the position of CTO at Axes Software. In this role, I had the chance to lead our innovation efforts and contribute to the development and growth of the company. Alongside my work at Axes Software, I had the opportunity to collaborate with various companies as a trainer in the field of C# and SQL, sharing my knowledge and experience accumulated over the years. I also collaborated with the Academy of Economic Studies and published articles in the fields of Cloud Computing and Agile Software Development, thus contributing to the education and development of the technological community. This continuous learning and development experience motivates me to take on new challenges and contribute to progress in the technology field.

C&B: What were your visions in childhood/adolescence and what are they now?

Alexandru Nitu: In childhood, I used to say I wanted to become a banker because I wanted to help my parents not complain about the lack of money. Video games caught my attention from a young age, and in high school, I was lucky to meet extraordinary teachers who inspired me to resonate with programming and technology. I got involved in a robotics club, where I built and programmed rover-type robots and smart homes, participating in competitions. At the same time, I studied algorithms at an advanced level, developing skills for programming and software development. Today, I want to be a leader in the technology field and share my passion with others, especially with young people. I want to inspire them to follow their dreams and help them become successful programmers. This is my way of contributing to their personal and professional growth.

C&B: What are the principles of life and activity you use?

Alexandru Nitu: My fundamental principles are responsibility, innovation, ambition, and integrity. In everything I do, I take full responsibility for my actions and decisions. I always seek to innovate and find creative solutions to problems encountered. I have a strong ambition to achieve the goals I have set and to exceed my limits. I make no compromises regarding integrity and ethics and consider it essential to act with honesty and fairness in all aspects of my life.

C&B: Have the pandemic and economic crises influenced your activity?

Alexandru Nitu: The pandemic and economic crises have undoubtedly impacted the way I conduct my activity. I had to quickly adapt to new conditions and find practical solutions to face challenges. However, I saw these difficult moments as opportunities for learning and personal development. I sought realistic ways to remain productive and connected with my team, and I managed to overcome obstacles with determination and perseverance. These experiences have strengthened me and prepared me to better manage future challenges.

C&B: Can you tell us about funny situations from your activity?

Alexandru Nitu: Being programmers, we are not used to being in the spotlight or giving interviews for advertising purposes. However, we managed to do very well at the filming of presentations for our clients. Sometimes, we even amuse ourselves when we see ourselves in those clips because we are not used to being in the center of attention in this way, but this is part of the charm and diversity of our work and helps us develop new skills and adapt to new and unexpected situations. Also, every Wednesday, all colleagues gather for a good coffee. We present new projects and talk about our funny experiences from various events.

C&B: You are facing a potential client/partner or employer. What is the phrase with which you convince them?

Alexandru Nitu: I believe that establishing a durable and valuable business relationship requires more than just a simple phrase. It is important to demonstrate our commitment to the potential partner or employer and show our ability to understand and respond to their needs in the most effective way. I understand how much it means for partners to entrust their businesses to us, the trust they place, and the expectations they have from us. I am aware that in every interaction, we must prove that we are worthy of this trust.

C&B: What advice do you have for those at the beginning or undecided?

Alexandru Nitu: For those at the beginning or undecided, I would encourage an approach focused on continuous learning and discovering their own potential. I have deep faith in today’s youth. Throughout my experience, I had the opportunity to work with hundreds of them in various contexts, and I can firmly say they are extremely capable. I see in them a strong desire to learn and constantly develop. It is very important for them to have full confidence in themselves and their abilities. Self-confidence is necessary to achieve success and overcome challenges. They should not underestimate their own power and always remember that every challenge is an opportunity to demonstrate determination and the ability to cope.

C&B: What is your opinion about society and its evolution?

Alexandru Nitu: My opinion about society and its evolution is that we live in an extremely interesting and challenging period. Our society is in a continuous process of change and adaptation to various influences, such as technological advances, cultural and social changes, as well as economic and ecological challenges. While some aspects of our evolution can be encouraging, such as progress in technology and human knowledge, there are also significant challenges that we need to address, such as social inequalities, climate change, and geopolitical conflicts. However, I believe that we have the capacity to influence the direction our society is heading through positive collective and individual actions.



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