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How is Adriana Dulacioiu doing, the former alpine skiing vice champion?

She’s a mother, team player, and mountain lover! And, more than that, she is a champion. A life model for many athletes. Adriana Dulacioiu has dedicated her time to performing. For two decades, she has contributed to the development of sports education. Her personal example is her business card: she is a national vice champion in alpine skiing, a certified sports instructor, and loves swimming and skiing. The model of a complete career is also followed by her two sons – one is a national champion in amateur duathlon, and the other practices extreme sports like MTB, bike jumping, and off-piste skiing.

C&B: Describe your activity!

Dulacioiu Adriana: Sport Ski Club promotes sports education to another level. We try to compensate for the lack of school sports activity with necessary, useful extracurricular sports activities that also involve very good physical and psychological development among young people. Here we refer to swimming, skiing, tennis, mountain hiking, cycling.

Swimming, another educational sport

Swimming is the only sport recommended by doctors for children up to 10 years old, the only sport that does not affect the spine at all and leads to the harmonious development of the child’s physique. The other sports activities are complementary to swimming; we do them at an amateur level, but they are designed to help not only physically but also personally.

C&B: How does your evolution story sound – how and when did it all start and, most importantly, why?

Dulacioiu Adriana: Sport Ski Club was born from the pleasure of sliding on skis, from the desire to educate the young generation, from the love I have for children, at a crossroads in my life. Then I analyzed myself, reset everything, and thought about what I can do with my whole being, without it being a burden and to enjoy every moment. Since I was young, I saw myself as a teacher, not knowing the field, obviously. I started my career as an assistant at the university and then as a high school teacher. Pedagogy does everything in working with children. In 2005, Sport Ski Club was born in an unknown world. Being a manager is not the same as being a teacher, instructor. But certainly, when you like what you do, everything is easier.

C&B: How did you choose your team?

Dulacioiu Adriana: Over time, the team has changed. There was a criterion that I have kept over the years: young people who love children, with or without pedagogical experience, or people who maintain balance. The young people seek very rapid material fulfillment, which cannot be obtained quickly in this kind of job. Therefore, the young people came and left easily. The experience gained in a relatively short time is invaluable. In recent years, it seems that young people have understood how we grow together and have stayed. Our team consists only of sports teachers, with skiing, swimming certification, and who have chosen to stay. Their main quality? They love their job and have a different attachment to children.

C&B: What does it mean to maintain a Ski School at high standards today, in Romania?

Dulacioiu Adriana: A Sisyphean task with medium chances of success. Simple things that would help the community and us implicitly cannot be achieved (a safe, paid parking near the slope for ski schools, a safe and functional domain for beginners all season, etc.) because the interests in the business world are different. For example, although the Massif event in Poiana Brasov brings in a lot of money, for those who have ski schools, it is clear bankruptcy. The solution for the survival of both has not yet been found.

C&B: Is SPORT SKI CLUB just a simple sports business or was it the dream of your life? Motivate your answer.

Dulacioiu Adriana: Sport Ski Club was born out of passion, but also from the necessity of survival. After 20 years, Sport Ski Club is pure passion and love. It’s a complicated business from which you don’t make villas and exotic vacations. If you are content with the satisfaction of a job well done, the love of children, and an average income, then you are ideal for such a job or for such a business.

C&B: For two decades, in the world of sports that do not fade – swimming and skiing. How challenging has the journey been so far?

Dulacioiu Adriana: 20 years in the world of sports were not easy. The responsibility is extremely high because we want to educate people who are responsible and prepared for the future. A healthy body in a healthy mind. Challenges are every day, but that keeps us in shape.

C&B: If you were to start this story again, what would be different?

Dulacioiu Adriana: I never chose the easy path; challenges made me fight and reach the thought result. Experience helps you see the perspective more clearly. If I were to start over, having a mentor would be beneficial. To be able to start with guidance on the right steps would be invaluable.

C&B: What are the life and activity principles you use?

Dulacioiu Adriana: Honesty, fairness, and well-done work are the paths that guide me in life. Probably these things don’t mean huge profits, but they fulfill me.

C&B: Can you share some challenging situations from your activity?

Dulacioiu Adriana: The toughest situations to manage are when injuries occur. Nobody wants that, but they are inevitable. The limit situations have clearly been those with injuries, all solvable, but with an enormous emotional toll.

C&B: Parents fulfilling their passion for winter sports through their children or children who truly love to slide on slopes or swim in the pool?

Dulacioiu Adriana: The sports activity center I founded has taken parents out of their comfort zone. We have and offer courses for parents because we want to see parents alongside their children in sports activities. We have ski competitions in which both children and parents participate, we organize family bicycle outings or hikes.

C&B: What advice do you have for those at the beginning of their professional journey or undecided?

Dulacioiu Adriana: I would advise young people to be more attentive and receptive to the experience of the mature ones. Even if technology has evolved, what is related to humans happens in the same way. They should not rush and skip stages in their professional or intellectual development, be open to new things, but also look to the past because development cycles return. Working with people is complicated and cannot be solved just by studying social media.

C&B: You organize annual camps abroad. What have you learned from foreigners, from their sports education, and perhaps adapted to SPORT SKI CLUB?

Dulacioiu Adriana: Yes, we have 15 years of ski camps abroad. Firstly, we, Romanians, do less sport than those abroad. Romanian parents may grant their children a bit too much freedom. Moreover, excessive care doesn’t help at all in the normal development of children. Statistically speaking, 70% of Romanian teenagers suffer from depression. Why? They are not prepared for life because they are not allowed to self-educate, to take responsibility.

Children need to experiment, make mistakes, solve problems… that’s what development means.



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