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Journaling. New Year’s Resolutions

It’s January 8, 2024. The year has begun for eight days, but in terms of professional and personal activities, we can say that the year truly starts today. Therefore, I thought the theme for this week should be related to the context of New Year’s resolutions and the need for personal change.

Journal Structure for Resolutions:

  • Begin with a retrospective of the previous year.
  • Clearly define goals and resolutions for the new year.
  • Record progress and adjust the plan along the way.

Pay attention, let’s not forget the effective principles of Journaling:

  • Honesty and openness with yourself in journaling.
  • Practice gratitude to cultivate a positive perspective.
  • Record both moments of joy and challenges.

I reiterate the importance of journaling in achieving resolutions. This practice will enhance your life in the new year. Journaling contributes to maintaining motivation and focus.

In conclusion, I share three feedback messages from those who have chosen this method:

  • Through journaling, I began to know myself better. I discovered behavioral patterns and found ways to address them. Journaling was not just a way to achieve resolutions but became a trusted companion in my personal journey.
  • I quickly learned that honesty and openness with myself were the key. I noted both triumphs and failures with the same level of sincerity. Practicing gratitude brought a note of optimism to every page, even on challenging days.
  • In this captivating world of paper and ink, I found a safe space for self-discovery and transformation. I encourage you to try this adventure and discover the power of your authentic awareness and expression.

PhD. Petre Nicolae

About the Author: Petre Nicolae is a transformational consultant, founder of CBC Romania, and the sole owner of an educational institution dedicated to certifying CEOs – GM Masterclass Academy. He recently launched a new concept (book, tools, direct guidance, and courses) – Journaling Thoughts, Emotions, Senses, and Feelings of Leaders.

About CBC Romania: It is a Transformational Consulting company that focuses on transferring a complete methodology for business reorganization, development, and consolidation to Owners, CEOs, and Top Management. In this context, owners and employees become consultants in their own company, reorganizing the business with the help of the methodology and professional tools transferred to them. More details and recommendations can be found at



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