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PhD. Petre NICOLAE: Perfectionism conceals unrealistic standards

Perfectionism is often associated with excellence, but in entrepreneurship, this trait can become harmful, hindering crucial decision-making and actions. In this article, we will explore how perfectionism affects entrepreneurs and how Belief Journaling can be an effective tool to overcome this distorted belief.

Analysis Paralysis:

One way perfectionism becomes detrimental in entrepreneurship is through analysis paralysis. Perfectionist entrepreneurs may spend too much time analyzing every detail and seeking perfection, thereby hindering rapid progress and adaptability to changes.

Example: An entrepreneur postpones the launch of a product because they believe it must be perfect in every aspect. Through journaling, they realize that this excessive attention to detail is preventing them from seizing market opportunities.

Unrealistic Self-Demand:

Perfectionism often comes with excessively high standards imposed by entrepreneurs on themselves. This level of unrealistic self-demand can lead to stress and exhaustion, as entrepreneurs constantly feel pressured to meet unrealistic standards.

Example: An entrepreneur always feels unfulfilled, even in the case of evident successes, because they constantly compare themselves to a perfect standard. Through journaling, they acknowledge that this unrealistic self-demand distorts their perspective on their own success.

Missed Opportunities Due to High Expectations:

Perfectionist entrepreneurs may miss valuable opportunities due to the excessively high expectations they set for themselves and others. This behavior can lead to hesitation in decision-making and, consequently, the loss of chances for growth and innovation.

Example: An entrepreneur hesitates to expand their business because they want everything to be perfect before taking action. Through journaling, they understand that this is a distorted belief limiting their growth potential.

Perfectionism can be a significant source of stress and a limitation on the potential of entrepreneurs. Belief Journaling, documenting thoughts, experiences, and feelings, offers an efficient way to identify and manage harmful perfectionism. By confronting this distorted belief, entrepreneurs can unlock neglected potential and build a more flexible and success-oriented mindset in the entrepreneurial world.

PhD. Petre Nicolae

About the author: Petre Nicolae is a transformational consultant, the founder of CBC Romania, and the sole owner of an educational institution dedicated to certifying general managers – GM Masterclass Academy. He recently launched a new concept (book, tools, direct guidance, and courses) – Belief Journaling for Leaders’ Thoughts, Experiences, Senses, and Emotions.

About CBC Romania: CBC Romania is a Transformational Consulting company specializing in transferring a complete methodology for business reorganization, development, and consolidation to Owners, General Managers, and Top Management of companies. In this context, owners and employees become consultants in their own company, restructuring the business with the help of the methodology and professional tools transferred to them. For more details and recommendations, visit



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