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The alchemy of success: Transforming vision into reality with Andreas Fuhrmann

In the old days, alchemists had a dubious reputation as charlatans or con artists because their goal seemed so unrealistic and they had so little success in achieving it. But this reputation is not fully deserved. They were driven by the idea of transmutation. The process of transmuting a base substance, usually of little or no value, into a substance of great value.

Alchemists were driven by the idea that nature had secrets to share and that they could be revealed through careful examination and experimentation. While they never succeeded in turning lead into gold, they did make discoveries that helped to shape modern chemistry. Their contribution is part of the history of science, which is the history of human interaction with nature.

People involved in personal development including myself are convinced that techniques to identify potential combined with customized support could enhance the abilities of individuals.

Andreas Fuhrmann is not looking for a hypothetical formula that will transform people into what they cannot be. He is not seeking the so-called “philosopher’s stone“. What he is looking for is more the combination of various methods of testing and direct investigation that allows me to recognize people’s abilities. Andreas is looking for new ways to help them reinforce their resources. He uses coaching questions to help his clients channel their abilities in directions that enhance their success in the companies they work for. Questions that could help them select new ways of action, increase their impact and create frames that allow the integration of additional performance generators. Andreas is concerned with identifying new methods to help people relate better to each other. All these undertakings are steps in his way to becoming a more sophisticated “alchemist“, who turns stress into calm and logjams into opportunities or crises into fresh ways of looking at things.

C&B: Describe your professional activity!

Andreas: at present my activities are around people development. That means evaluating, selecting, promoting, mentoring coaching and training the younger generations of leaders to become what their abilities allow them to become

C&B: What is the story of your career progression?

Andreas: After some years in general management the position made it clear to me that creating quality frames to sustain people to learn how to teach, train provide support and manage the people they have in their supervision

C&B: What were your childhood/adolescent dreams, and what are they now?

Andreas: Figure out ways to generate opportunities to make money. Ex. On my street, in my hometown, I offered the neighbor’s carpet cleaning services. It started before Easter and became a habit for the spring months

C&B: What are the life and work principles you follow?

Andreas: Better to think for one week than work the whole year. I love teamwork and real fairness in business

C&B: Have the pandemic and economic crises influenced your professional life?

Andreas: to a small level. It became obvious after the first couple of weeks that the human need for belonging will generate a whole different form of need for interaction in teams in which CARE will have a very visible role.

C&B: Can you share any amusing situations from your professional experience?

Andreas: In interviews, I asked people frequently why should I hire them. Got a lot of answers. The best was “having me in your team is the best way for you to be a successful manager.”  I asked: “Besides validating your arrogance how will I observe it? “Because I will pay attention also to your unformulated expectations

To the question, I asked another one “What are your values? His answer was:” If you ask me about money I don’t have.

C&B: You have a potential client/partner or employer in front of you. What’s the sentence that convinces them?

Andreas: Can you imagine that ALWAYS in any interaction between two people, there is one possibility in which both will get up from their chairs and confess that it was a valuable and fair meeting?  So, let’s have one like this.

C&B: What advice do you have for beginners or those who are undecided?

Andreas: Sit down and think and start writing a list about all your resources, abilities capabilities that your parents put in words and encouraged you for. Think about the way you related to childhood friends and what friends appreciated you for. Think about the jobs that you tried out even for shorter times and what you learned from and if you encountered human models that you admired and what you admired them. Think about people you admire and what you admire for. Money, looks and negative behaviors should be the lowest on the list. What do you put on the top of these?

C&B: What is your opinion about society and its evolution?

Andreas: The society is seeking values and new ways to work. The process is a slow one except for the AI. The generations change promises a new way to look at work and life. This intention is action and actions are a promise for change. Let’s give them an honest helping hand.



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