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Adrian Pascu: Motivation will come and go, but your strength & determination will carry

Adrian Pascu is a published photographer, videographer, and book co-author of “Autistic & Smashing it” (best seller in Canada & USA). 

C&B: Provide a description or define your activity!

Adrian Pascu: As the lead videographer and photographer at Allegorical Studio, I have the privilege of capturing and preserving precious moments and stories through visual storytelling. As a SEN teacher working with children with autism, I am dedicated to creating an inclusive learning environment that supports their unique needs and abilities. Co-authoring “Autistic & Smashing It” with my wife, Joulie Gindi has allowed me to advocate for neurodiversity, raise awareness about autism, and empower individuals on the spectrum to embrace their unique strengths. Each of these roles is incredibly important to me, as they enable me to express my creativity, make a positive difference in education, and contribute to a more inclusive society.

C&B: What is the story of the evolution of your business?

Adrian Pascu: After being dissatisfied with the quality of the photos and videos from my own wedding, I was inspired to launch my own videography and photography business. I believe that the bride and groom deserve to relax, knowing that these precious memories are in good hands. Soon after, I expanded into covering corporate events, concerts, and various other projects offering the same quality and peace of mind. 

As a co-author of the book “Autistic & Smashing It,” I am delving into the world of consulting within the corporate sector, where I aim to foster inclusivity. My experiences as a SEN teacher have provided me with a deep understanding of the significance of creating a supportive and inclusive environment for individuals with diverse needs, motivating me to take on this new venture.

As my businesses continues to evolve, they remain grounded in the values of creativity, empathy, and advocacy, driving me to continually seek new ways to use visual storytelling and education to inspire, empower, and foster inclusivity.

C&B: What were your visions in childhood/adolescence, and what are they now?

Adrian Pascu: During my childhood and teenage years, I was intrigued by the human brain and its functions. This interest led me to a career in teaching, where I focused on supporting students with diverse needs. Now, as a co-author of the book “Autistic & Smashing It,” I’m eager for our upcoming book launch event on January 31st, where we can share our message of understanding and inclusion with a wider audience. 

C&B: What are the life and business principles you adhere to, and what is their explanation?

Adrian Pascu: My guiding principles are integrity, empathy, creativity, and a commitment to making a positive impact. I prioritize honesty and ethical conduct, approach interactions with understanding and kindness, strive for innovation and unique expression, and aim to use my skills to advocate for inclusion and raise awareness for important causes such as neurodiversity. These principles shape both my personal and professional endeavors, driving me to create a meaningful and authentic impact in the world.

C&B: How have the pandemic, economic crises, and wars influenced/influence your business?

Adrian Pascu: The pandemic, economic crises, and wars have significantly impacted my business. The pandemic led to a shift in client needs and preferences, requiring me to adapt my services to accommodate new demands, such as virtual events and socially distanced shoots. Despite these challenges, I remain committed to finding creative and adaptable approaches to continue delivering impactful visual storytelling and educational support.

C&B: Share some amusing situations from your business activities!

Adrian Pascu: Amid the pandemic, as limitations on wedding guest numbers were enforced, there was a debate among the wedding officiants about whether to allow me or another guest, as we would exceed the limit by one. I assured them that I would maintain a safe distance, and thankfully, we were all permitted to attend. 

C&B: You’re face to face with a potential client or partner. What is the sentence that convinces them?

Adrian Pascu:I am confident in my ability to deliver exceptional & memorable results!” 

I have a strong belief in the quality of my work, and I strive to exude confidence through my actions rather than relying on excessive words. Maintaining consistency in my approach allows me to project a sense of assurance and calmness in my endeavors. 

C&B: What advice/tips do you have for those just starting out or undecided?

Adrian Pascu: If you find yourself thinking about something every day, it may be worth pursuing it. People often regret not taking action, so it’s important to consider that. Remember, if it costs you your peace it’s probably not worth it; otherwise 

achieving success isn’t easy – if it were, everyone would do it. In business, discipline and determination are more important than just feeling motivated. Motivation will come and go, but your strength & determination will carry you both through highs and lows. 

C&B: What are your perceptions of society and its evolution?

Adrian Pascu: I am always curious and eager to learn more about what the future may hold. I know that challenging times will forge a resilient generation, while easy times may result in a generation that is unstable and weak. Thankfully, I believe that there will always be individuals on both sides, and as a society, we will continue to evolve, one way or another.



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