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Kleiner Ohad: Evolution and principles of success in the real estate investment industry

Kleiner Ohad currently holds the positions of Co-CEO and Director at IBI Lion Socimi S.A. His professional journey includes a pivotal role as a partner in the establishment and management of a Spanish Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). Furthermore, he spearheaded and managed real estate investment projects in Western Europe, demonstrating his adept leadership in the intricacies of the industry.

C&B: Describe or define your activity!

Kleiner Ohad: The REIT structure provides significant tax benefits to investors. The REIT Investment is assets with core demand from the market and core need for the tenant, while providing transparency as a listed company and a dividend scheme.

C&B: How does the story of  your business evolve  sound?

Kleiner Ohad: The trajectory we forged in the legal practice, advising distinguished firms in their business development, has afforded us the opportunity to gain a profound understanding of the envisioned and attainable gains and losses in any transaction. This experience has empowered us to implement robust downsizing protection criteria and elevate governance standards to the highest level in our business operations.

C&B: What were your visions in childhood/adolescence, and what are they now?

Kleiner Ohad: In my youth, I learned the power of observation and listening over incessant chatter. Today, in the business arena, eavesdropping on the market not only creates impact but also spins deals to be worthy. In a nutshell: If you can be a Master market intelligence is the alchemy that turns players into industry wizards, with a sprinkle of self-humor for good measure.

C&B: What are the principles of life and activity to which it does not deviate, and what is their explanation?

Kleiner Ohad: How you do anything is how you do everything; in that phrase, my principles work: wake up early, be productive and not busy, be kind, and act in the best manner possible. This approach will guide you, and the true values, such as integrity, being a service-oriented steward of the money/assets you manage, and transparency, will naturally emerge.

C&B: How have pandemic, economic   crises  and  wars influenced your business?

Kleiner Ohad: Our proactive approach, which includes interest rate hedging, long-term leases linked to inflation, and strategic asset investments, has successfully mitigated significant disruptions caused by increases in interest rates and higher inflation. As a result, the financial stability of the company has remained intact.

C&B: Tell us some fun situations from your activity!

Kleiner Ohad: In reality, and this is not a cliché, being part of the team and meeting new people is genuinely enjoyable – and it leads to numerous entertaining stories. One particularly amusing incident (in hindsight) occurred when Rafael and I were traveling in Spain during the Covid pandemic. At Madrid airport, we realized we didn’t have the correct documents for the flight, leading the receptionist to tear up our plane tickets. In response, we had to undergo a new Covid-19 test, catch a train to Barcelona, and then proceed to our final destination. Surprisingly, this unexpected turn of events turned our journey into a delightful road trip with some necessary adjustments – actually, for the readers, it sounds even better in the retelling.

C&B: You have a client or a potential partner in front of you. What is the phrase that convinces them?

Kleiner Ohad: There is no specific phrase. As a professional with years of experience in the market, I have consistently demonstrated integrity and professionalism in every aspect of my work. Over the years, my commitment to transparency, reliability, and delivering on promises has earned the trust of those with whom I’ve worked. I firmly believe that collaboration with IBI Lion is more than just a business arrangement; it is a partnership built on mutual respect and shared success. This is a message I convey to our partners in all our dealings

C&B: What  advice/advice do you have for those who arejust starting out orundecided?

Kleiner Ohad: Remember, it’s a journey of self-discovery and growth, so approach it with curiosity and commitment. Patience is key in the career-building process, allowing time for development. By staying open to new experiences and maintaining a positive mindset, you’ll navigate uncertainties with resilience and discover a path that aligns with your aspirations.



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