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Andreea Madlen and the handmade shirts from Madlen – Made with joy in Transylvania.

Andreea Madlen Margescu was born at the foot of the Fagaras Mountains, and her profession is an economist. She considers herself a creator of beauty and art. Since 2014, she has been the mother of two children, and in 2018, she became an entrepreneur. She also dabbles in the world of wellness and mindfulness, being a yoga and pilates instructor since 2017.
She loves to discover the world through travel, continuously reinvent herself, add creativity and originality, and then showcase collections and timeless, unique products.

C&B: Describe your activity!
Andreea Madlen: From the beginning, I implemented the concept of “express yourself through art and wear it”, by incorporating words into an illustration, a drawing, which conveys what each of us decides to wear and defines the personal image of each individual. Our clothes come to life through the details and characteristics of the future owner, so the result is always authentic and special.

C&B: How do you describe the story of your evolution?
Andreea Madlen: The story began more as a game, from a personal need to create a quality product, versatile, easy to integrate into as many outfits as possible, a product that would be different, even unique, and to have a bit of my personality, a product that tells a story. After my vision took shape, the product was very appreciated, and what was once a passion became a business. Continuing the story, I realized that I always wanted to do this, but I was telling myself / I was sabotaging myself with the following thought: in a world full of clothes, where is there a place for me? And it turns out that there is room for everyone who has a story to share and firmly believes that they can add value to those we address.

C&B: Why do you think we need Madlen – MADE WITH JOY IN TRANSYLVANIA?
Andreea Madlen: We need brave people, people who materialize their vision. We need to be free and differentiate ourselves from others in a positive way. We need creativity and an attitude that inspires. That’s what we do, we transmit visual messages instead of words, we set anchors in communication and generate reactions. Those who wear our creations know and see this every day. Those who understand our concept will be able to do so in any field of activity and in any country. For this reason, our addressability is international. To answer your question, we need Madlen to remind us of all these things and much more.


C&B: Where does the passion for handmade shirts come from?
Andreea Madlen: I have this feeling that visions/life stories that take shape in adulthood have their beginnings in childhood, the seeds are planted then. I’ve been passionate about fashion as long as I can remember, collecting fashion magazines, creating outfits, taking pictures, creating collages, and being an art critic, beautiful with very fiery ideas and vision. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the courage or guidance to start doing something about it earlier.

C&B: Does each handmade shirt have its story?
Andreea Madlen: Six years ago, I was determined to give my vision a chance. I’ve always liked oversized shirts, those shirts that ‘she’ wears but are ‘his’. That’s how I decided to create oversized shirts that I would ‘spice up’ with the personality of the person who is going to wear it, to paint or embroider them by hand.
The white shirt is a timeless story that changes your mood in a second, makes you relax and step forward with confidence.

C&B: How far have the shirts made in the Făgăraș workshop gone, and how difficult was it to sell them abroad?
Andreea Madlen:Madlen” shirts have reached all over the country, but also abroad: Milan, London, New York, etc. The experiences at international events have been quite challenging, but somehow it’s not a surprise because most of the time, the more you expand, the more you try to ‘play’ on other fields, challenges appear inevitably, there are many unknown variables that create discomfort and require resilience and adaptability.

C&B: What are the life and business principles you use?
Andreea Madlen: The values of the Madlen business are: authenticity, versatility, quality, and uniqueness.

C&B: How has social media helped in promoting your business?
Andreea Madlen: Being a person already exposed online before launching the brand helped me for exposure, helped me to have confidence, I already knew how to promote myself, I had some starting ideas and they counted, of course, at the beginning of the business and not only.

C&B: Besides shirts, what other clothing items do you create in your workshop?
Andreea Madlen: We paint trench coats, denim jackets, t-shirts, and children’s items, we tailor/make dresses, skirts, and overalls which we then personalize on request.

C&B: What advice do you have for those at the beginning or undecided about starting a business based exclusively on handmade?
Andreea Madlen: To have a vision that inspires, a mission that gets them out of bed in the morning, and a strategy that moves them, gives them courage, and continuous determination.

C&B: Where is the handmade industry more successful – here or abroad? Explain your answer.
Andreea Madlen: If we were to talk about the number of orders, we still position ourselves better in our country. Internationally, we have more boutiques with which we collaborate and orders that come directly through the site.



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