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Talking with Viorel Cun Before SMART HR

In the human resources industry, where technology and innovation transform every aspect of work, with two decades of experience in sales, partnership management, and technical fields, Viorel is redefining the HR landscape, skillfully navigating through the complexities of the industry with a perfect balance between empathy and innovation. He accurately anticipates that a major transformation in HR will be the integration of automation and artificial intelligence to reduce repetitive tasks, making room for an increased focus on essential human skills: empathy and curiosity. Aware of the pitfalls of excessive technologization, he maintains a vital balance between innovation and humanity, insisting that “people need people” in critical areas such as sales, HR, and consulting.
Through an innovative approach to diversity and inclusion, Viorel promotes a genuinely inclusive work culture, arguing that the empathy and curiosity offered to clients should be reflected in employee relations. He highlights the importance of creating an environment where employees feel valued and motivated, recognizing the direct link between employee happiness and productivity.
Viorel places a special emphasis on talent management and workplace well-being, highlighting the need for a well-being program tailored to the needs of employees and promoting a culture of continuous learning. He envisions the future of workspaces as being flexible and adapted to the changing needs of the workforce, urging HR leaders to prioritize projects and performance over fixed schedules.
With remarkable skills in leadership and product development, Viorel Cun is a true innovator, dedicated to reshaping the world of HR in a way that puts humanity at the center.

C&B: With a vast career in technical fields and partnership management, how did you conclude that the integration of automation and artificial intelligence is the future of HR?
Viorel Cun: The only constant is change… The volume of CVs received per job is huge, translating into an increasing volume and pressure on HR departments to find “the needle in the haystack.” For this, a well-organized and automated system leads to the elimination of repetitive processes. With the help of AI, HR professionals have time to focus where it’s needed: to find the most suitable talents.
In my HR workshops, more and more specialists are looking for solutions to attract new candidates.

C&B: You emphasized the importance of empathy and curiosity as essential human skills in the era of automation. How do you think leaders can cultivate these qualities in themselves and their teams, and how should they integrate them into HR strategies?
Viorel Cun: By setting an example for teams and increasing soft skills competencies. By eliminating age, gender, or ethnicity stereotypes – commonly found in Romania. Decisions should be made based on competencies and performance indicators and rewarded accordingly.

C&B: Through your innovative approach to diversity and inclusion, what strategies do you think could be implemented to promote a truly inclusive work culture?
Viorel Cun: There is no pill/AI solution that truly solves this for all companies. Any strategy must be built with empathy and curiosity towards employees and clients so as to aim for a perfect ecosystem. “Happiness is something that is never truly achieved, but it’s worth running for your entire life,” says a local rock band.

C&B: Your vision of the future of workspaces emphasizes flexibility and adaptability. What are the main changes you anticipate in workspace design and HR policies to support this vision?
Viorel Cun: I love seeing people working in a park on a bench, in a cafe. Personally, I have implemented walk&talk in certain meetings with fantastic results. It’s wonderful to see people naturally smiling in meetings – and a smile is the first step towards productivity, not just in direct services with customers, but face-to-face with colleagues. People who smile and are happy more easily bring empathy and curiosity towards colleagues or clients.

C&B: You have gained extensive experience in recent years in using LinkedIn for active lead generation. How do you think your method could be applied to identifying and attracting talents?
Viorel Cun: Since LinkedIn is a live database, automatic updates keep us connected, favoring authentic conversations that enhance brand awareness and active lead generation. I’ve been in sales for 20 years, and it’s wonderful to meet new people. Every LinkedIn profile hides a real life story – and I love real stories.

C&B: You will be conducting a workshop at the SMART HR event. Can you tell us why people should attend this event and particularly your workshop?
Viorel Cun: In my workshops, I use only two slides and that’s to have a structure. Otherwise, I invite participants to a dialogue from which we can learn together, exploring real stories about people and companies with real needs. Once we understand these needs, it’s very easy to recruit or to position ourselves in front of a candidate.



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