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EXONIA Adopts ALLWELL’s Automated Paper Bag Technology

ALLWELL, a giant in the packaging industry, has revolutionized the sector by launching the first fully automated production line for sustainable paper bags. This innovation promises to change paradigms globally. EXONIA Packaging Factory in Romania is the first worldwide customer to benefit from this state-of-the-art technology.

Premiere at DRUPA Dusseldorf World Exhibition

At the prestigious DRUPA Dusseldorf World Exhibition, held every three years and attracting top industrial personalities and investors, the TECH 18-400S technology line was presented for the first time. It is considered the most advanced technology in the world for the production of customized biodegradable paper bags.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Precision and Efficiency

This unique creation is based on a complex system of 47 servomotors, transforming the equipment into a mega-robot that integrates the entire process of turning paper into customized bags. Operations are carried out quickly and precisely thanks to advanced technology that combines low energy consumption with AI-based software. The system monitors all stages of the process, from raw material to the finished product, and allows order changes in just 15 minutes compared to the previous 6-8 hours.

How Much Does the Equipment Cost?

This equipment changes the game in terms of sustainable paper packaging production. This special equipment will go directly to Romania and is already owned by EXONIA, two months before it is first showcased worldwide. We acquired it without even seeing a complete video, as it was kept secret before the first public display, based on the trust and reputation of the producer ALLWELL, a US-Japanese joint venture. The cost of this equipment is very high, but we are proud to own probably the most advanced equipment in the world. We aim to keep up with the latest technological discoveries and implement the most advanced solutions to support our plan to become the leader in the sustainable packaging production industry in Eastern Europe,” stated Mr. Tiberiu Stoian, founder of Exonia Holding Group.

Technological Advantages of the ALLWELL Line

The ALLWELL technology line offers numerous advantages, including a production speed of over 150 bags per minute, simultaneous printing during bag making, remarkable precision, low energy consumption, and unparalleled reliability. These features will enable Exonia to achieve new records in productivity, efficiency, and quality of manufactured packaging.

About EXONIA Group

Founded in the 2000s by entrepreneur Tiberiu Stoian, the EXONIA Group includes three entities: Exonia Holding (paper packaging manufacturer), Exonia Production (plastic packaging manufacturer), and Artis Design (industrial digitalization solutions integrator). A serial entrepreneur, Tiberiu Stoian has investments in various fields, including the packaging industry, IT, tourism, and trade, both in Romania and the USA.



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