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Flash Interview with Katrina Aleksa: On AWITA, Art, Investments, and Partnerships

Katrina Aleksa is an art consultant, collector, and investor. She has extensive experience curating exhibitions and events for both charitable and commercial organizations in Europe and the United States. She has acted as an art consultant for various UHNW (Ultra High Net Worth) individuals and corporations, as well as managing artists and negotiating large commercial partnerships. Outside the art world, Katrina is an enthusiastic investor in alternative asset classes and a passionate advocate for women’s representation, equal opportunities, and diversity in general.

C&B: What is AWITA?
Katrina Aleksa: The Association of Women in the Arts (AWITA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the career development of professional women in the arts. Founded in 2016, AWITA offers a comprehensive online and in-person program that includes professional development opportunities, mentoring, and networking.

C&B: How did AWITA come about?
Katrina Aleksa: AWITA was born from a simple desire shared by my co-founders and me to create a supportive community where women could discuss career challenges and share their expertise. Since its founding in 2016, the organization has grown organically, demonstrating the significant need for such a network.

C&B: How did your childhood/adolescent visions compare to your current ones?
Katrina Aleksa: From a young age, I was deeply involved in the arts. Over time, my vision evolved to focus on supporting and empowering women in this field. Today, I am grateful to be in a position to support women in the arts.

C&B: Name three essential principles in your work!
Katrina Aleksa: I adhere to principles of inclusion, empowerment, and continuous learning.

C&B: Have the pandemic, economic crises, and wars affected your activities?
Katrina Aleksa: The pandemic prompted us to expand our international online presence, hosting 70 online events in the first two years. This helped us maintain connections and grow both physically and virtually. Our next chapter involves global expansion, highlighted by our “Weather Forecasts” series, featuring senior art professionals discussing the art landscape in their cities. These sessions have become invaluable resources for building international knowledge and connecting with women worldwide.

C&B: What arguments do you use to convince partners and clients?
Katrina Aleksa: Consider what you can contribute to the network, rather than what the network can offer you. This transformative mindset creates a supportive environment, exemplified when you’re in a room with 200 women eager to help each other grow – it’s truly a beautiful experience.

C&B: Do you have advice for those starting out or feeling undecided?
Katrina Aleksa: My advice is to take action and try different things to make progress. Dedication and hard work are essential – finding a path requires taking those first steps.

C&B: Is society and the art world at their true potential today?
Katrina Aleksa: Currently, society and the art world are not where they could be. The art world is largely driven by women who are often unregulated and undervalued. The UK art market contributes £9.2 billion to the economy, with women potentially responsible for £6 billion of this revenue. Our upcoming BUILD YOUR OWN ART WORLD conference on June 5th at Christie’s Auction House aims to support the career development of these talented women through candid conversations and practical workshops.



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