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GUIDE – STEP OUT OF ANONYMITY! …with Sergiu Voicu – Part 2

Stepping out of anonymity can be a long process and may seem complicated, but sometimes you need to take action if you really want to benefit from your image, the brand you want to build, and the products or services you offer.

This guide helps you take confident steps in the process of making your name and/or brand known.

In Part 2 we talk about:

  • how and why to ask for recommendations and feedback
  • how to build a solid and correct online presence
  • what and how to post on websites and social networks
  • the impact of a photo and what kind of photos to post
  • how to get well-written texts and who can help you with them
  • why to update your information, how often to provide new information
  • how transparent to be in your relationship with others


It’s important that you leave every meeting with something, whether it’s new information or a new person you’ve met. And everyone you interact with can help you grow.

The best advertisement is the one made by satisfied customers.” – Philip Koter

Clients, collaborators, or those interested in working with you will search for information about you everywhere, so I recommend you ask your clients and collaborators to give you feedback on social pages, leave a testimonial on your website, or help with a recommendation (a contact of someone who in turn can become a client or collaborator).

The brand is a voice, and the product is a souvenir.” – Lisa Gansky

92% of people trust personal recommendations, word of mouth, even if they do not know the person recommending” – Nielsen

To obtain feedback, the safest method is to ask for it. Tell those you interact with how much you appreciate their feedback and experience and that you would be delighted if they could leave a message for others to see. After a successful meeting or collaboration, to receive feedback, mention that you appreciate the opportunity to receive a recommendation: “If you appreciated our collaboration, I would be delighted to receive a recommendation from you.

My advice is to offer recommendations in return if you want to receive others. And for any recommendation or review received, thank the others for their time and effort in providing their feedback.

Recommendations and reviews are important aspects of building a solid reputation and developing the image because feedback is an efficient way to highlight your qualities or those of a brand and to strengthen professional relationships.


It’s mandatory to be present everywhere. Your notoriety and brand will become more solid as you appear in as many places as possible. However, be careful, your appearances should not be overwhelming. Not all at once! A constant, balanced, and long-term presence are part of the ingredients for stepping out of anonymity.

Set up your website, Facebook page, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube accounts, LinkedIn profile, and any other sources that can ensure visibility.

We get better results and see more appropriate advertising when we let Google know who we are.” – James Gleick

On all online platforms, you should only post:

  • relevant and well-made photos
  • texts with clear, correct, and complete descriptions
  • up-to-date figures
  • contact information
  • references to other sources of information about you and your business

A business without advertising is like a flirtatious man trying to woo a woman by winking at her in the dark.” – Steuart Henderson Britt

A recent study shows that 71% of consumers who are impressed by interaction with a brand on social networks are willing to recommend it to their acquaintances. In addition, 95% of adults aged between 18 and 34 years are willing to follow a brand on social media if they have had a pleasant experience with it.

The channels used for public communication of the personal brand are dominated by:

LinkedIn (59%) and Facebook (53%)

In third place are events that provide an opportunity to speak in public (38%).

The personal blog appears in last place, with only 12%.

***the data presented are part of the research on “The Power of Personal Branding“.


A picture is worth a thousand words!” – remember this and every time you want to make a photo of yourself or your company public, think if it benefits you in the long term. It’s worth investing in the services of a photographer to have a perfect image, and if you can’t afford photo sessions, then at least choose among the photos taken with the phone only those that are clear, decent, and very suggestive. The quantity is not important, quality is what turns a photo into a memorable one. The quality of some photos can increase your preferences among clients or collaborators.


Create quality content relevant to you and your target audience. If you’re not good at writing a good text on your own, turn to those who are, whether they are

talented colleagues or experienced journalists. Do not post long texts. Avoid getting complicated with many explanations. Try to keep the essence, in clear, easily understandable messages, and let the reader receive correct information.

Arguments must be well supported by facts and evidence, and when you have data or refer to a study or statement, cite sources and provide references.


Any appearance on the platforms you manage must be impeccable and with up-to-date information. When someone enters your website, social media pages, or groups you’re part of, it’s important to see the latest data. Update your CV, company presentation, offered products, practiced prices, service offer.


First and foremost, people need information to be easy to find. They get bored looking too much. Put everything well structured online. Transparency can also mean a prompt response to questions and comments. It’s a big plus for you if you’re prompt and transparent in responses.

87% of executives consider reputational risk to be more important than other strategic risks” – Deloitte

Read Part 1 of this guide as well.

Here we talked about:

  • how to tell your story and make an impact with it
  • how and why to speak directly to clients
  • why to acknowledge your mistakes and how to make a plan to come out of a crisis
  • the impact of “Thank you!”

I am Sergiu Voicu – communication specialist, journalist, entrepreneur, and tourist.

Senior PR Consultant since April 2022. I am a journalist specialized in economics, business, finance, banks, and tourism, with over 20 years of experience in the most important media institutions in Romania. Since 2017, I have been the creator of the Romania Fast Forward project, where I produce extensive reports about successful Romanians, businesspeople with beautiful stories, and top domestic companies. Over the years, I have presented both business and travel programs, as well as entertainment shows. I have over 12 years of experience as a news reporter accredited to the Government and had the opportunity to be a director and assistant director for several television documentaries. I worked 5 years in radio, where I was both a radio show host and a DJ. I am a graduate of Economic Studies and have a master’s degree in Journalism.

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