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Stefano Solmi: Respect for the environment and for the individual should translate into concrete actions to leave our children a better future.

Stefano Solmi, President and CEO of Orion SRL, leads Orion SRL with a forward-looking vision and constant innovation, making the company a reference point in the international environmental monitoring sector.

C&B: Describe or define your business!

Stefano Solmi: Orion SRL is a dynamic company in the Italian industrial landscape, boasting a turnover of over 28 million euros, a team of 175 professionals, and a widespread presence with 5 operational locations. We are involved in the design, implementation, and maintenance of integrated systems for environmental monitoring – air, water, emissions – relying on cutting-edge technologies and deep technical knowledge, built over 35 years of field experience. The company has developed significant environmental monitoring projects in Romania, Bulgaria, Montenegro, China, Belarus, Macedonia… usually in collaboration with local partners.

C&B: What is the evolution history of your business?

Stefano Solmi: Since its foundation in 1988, Orion has grown steadily and linearly, transforming from a micro-enterprise into a solid and expanding SME. Our ability to anticipate market changes and embrace calculated risks has allowed us to grow with confidence and constancy. Employee training and active engagement have played a crucial role in this evolution, significantly contributing to the company’s success, strengthening our position as a leader in the environmental monitoring sector, and building a corporate culture centered on excellence and job satisfaction.

C&B: What were your childhood/adolescent visions and what are they now?

Stefano Solmi: My childhood was characterized by a passion for technology. This strong interest has transformed into an adult mission: to lead a company that uses cutting-edge technology to protect the environment and continue to grow what my parents built. Today, we always think about expansion to create a structure capable of facing the challenges of the future. We increasingly aim for improvement not only in economic-financial terms but also in social sustainability for employees and the community. We believe in the social role of the company.

C&B: What life and business principles do you not give up, and what is their explanation? Stefano Solmi: In Orion, we have immutable values: passion for innovation, integrity in actions, respect for people and the environment, fairness, and responsibility. Our work ethic is based on active listening to our collaborators, clients, and suppliers, a constant commitment to improvement, and a seriousness that permeates every project. For us, the customer is at the center along with all the company’s employees and social, ethical, and environmental aspects.

C&B: How have the pandemic, economic crises, and wars influenced/are influencing your business?

Stefano Solmi: Crises have taught us the importance of adaptability and change management. We have reorganized our processes, remaining flexible and ready to respond to rapidly changing market needs while ensuring the safety and continuity of our operations. Diversification is also one of our strengths.

C&B: Share some amusing situations from your business!

Stefano Solmi: I fondly remember the first months in the company, especially during a long project in Romania. Frequent business trips forged a bond of friendship and complicity with colleagues, giving rise to moments of lightness and laughter that made the work not only important but also enjoyable. But, in general, it’s always a different and stimulating job; there is no boredom.

C&B: You have a potential client or partner in front of you. What is the phrase that convinces them?

Stefano Solmi: At Orion, our commitment to excellence and innovation in environmental monitoring is reflected in every project we undertake. With over three decades of experience and a unique focus on various environmental matrices, we offer customized and cutting-edge solutions. Our strength lies in a deep understanding of the industry and the ability to adapt to the specific needs of each client. Collaborating with us means relying on a partner who not only understands today’s environmental challenges but anticipates those of tomorrow, ensuring reliability, expertise, and superior quality service. The phrase would be: ‘We have precisely understood your needs, and the proposed solution meets them in the best way, as it mirrors cases already managed by us to the utmost satisfaction of the counterpart.’

C&B: What advice do you have for those who are starting out or undecided?

Stefano Solmi: For those embarking on this entrepreneurial journey, I recommend embracing their passion with total commitment, always maintaining an open mindset for learning, and not hesitating to explore new paths. Entrepreneurial success requires dedication, adaptability, and a constant pursuit of improvement. It is essential to surround oneself with reliable people and promote a positive working environment, always focusing on training and skills development.

C&B: What are your perceptions of society and its evolution?

Stefano Solmi: Society is moving towards an increasing awareness of the importance of sustainability and technological innovation. Orion aims to be a protagonist in this transition, offering solutions that promote a better environment and a high quality of life, anticipating future needs. Our vision is of a world where respect for the environment and for the individual translates into concrete actions to leave our children a better future. In the future, there will be even greater attention to sustainability, safety, and the environment.



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