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Liziera de Lac has expanded with a new building – Agora

Liziera de Lac is more than a residential project, it is the place where a new community is born, in an area surrounded by lake and forest, offering an alternative to the hustle of the urban lifestyle, without sacrificing the comfort offered by the amenities of a city. Adapted to modern housing needs, this residential development shapes up as a sustainable urban planning project for over 13,000 people and 3,800 housing units within 10 years. The project’s first phase, comprising 94 homes (with 3 or 4 rooms and areas between 82 sqm to 138 sqm) alongside a host of communal facilities, marks the beginning of a vibrant community that continues to expand.

The inauguration of the Agora building at Liziera de Lac was celebrated with the first community Neighbours’ Day, which will be celebrated annually, marking a significant moment for the residents who have already moved into their new homes. The investment in the Agora building comprising sales offices, co-working spaces and a gym amounts to EUR 2.1 million.

More than just a housing endeavour, Liziera de Lac is thus thoroughly equipped with a wide range of amenities that enhance the quality of life for the residents living in this micro-universe surrounded by nature, forests, lakes, and green fields, providing both the “hardware” of quality housing and the “software” of on-site services.

Amenities at Liziera de Lac:

  • Agora building (gross building area of 1,080 sqm and a gross useable area of 980 sqm), includes:
    • community HUB with co-working space (220 sqm)
    • gym (50 sqm)
    • a shop and café will be open in the future
  • LIDO outdoor pool destined for both adults and children (GBA of 235 sqm, including changing rooms, showers, summer bar)
  • BOBOCEL – 900 sqm educational building, set to host a future kindergarten
  • MUGA multi-use game area, destined for football, tennis, and other games
  • Basketball court
  • Belvedere area, a square and platform for community events and relaxation
  • Croisette, a promenade for walking, running, or simply enjoying the lakeview
  • Children playground (157 sqm)
  • Bike path (816 m total length)
  • Individual and communal parking spaces
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • 24/7 security.

“Liebrecht & wooD is dedicated to further investing in the eastern part of Bucharest, recognizing significant growth potential in the area. We are excited to continue the development of the Liziera de Lac project, following the success of the first phase. Our commitment goes beyond housing concepts and also includes significant infrastructure investments. We took initiative and funded the EUR 5 million traffic solution on the A2 highway prior to the opening of the retail park hosting the Fashion House Outlet Centre Pallady, as well as EUR 2.2 million in the 5-kilometer road from Posta to Liziera. All these stand witness for our integrative approach on real estate and significantly enhance accessibility for residents, while also expanding opportunities for future growth and economic development in this suburban region of Bucharest”, said Patrick van den Bossche, Founder and Managing Director of Liebrecht & wooD.

Liziera de Lac development is not just about building houses, but about creating a thriving, interconnected community where residents can live in harmony with nature while enjoying the modern conveniences close to the city. From the very beginning, our vision for Liziera de Lac was to create a unique living experience where people can connect and enjoy a different lifestyle. The architectural project of the entire complex includes principles of community formation; thus, the entire complex gravitates around the mix between common spaces that cater to community formation and the privacy offered by the vegetation areas. This type of urban planning encourages interactions between neighbours, an active lifestyle and a balanced social life”, added Monika Piwońska, Placemaking Director at Liebrecht & wooD.

Envisioning a community where nature reigns, with 52% of the complex green spaces, the developer has also focused on the importance of providing access to all the facilities that make life easier and the infrastructure needed to reach the city. The comprehensive road, transportation, and utility infrastructure developed by Liebrecht & wooD sets the stage for the emergence of a dynamic, forward-thinking community that embraces sustainable living practices and fosters a sense of belonging among its residents. The location, with growing connectivity, is located 15 minutes from the A2 highway and the Fashion House Outlet Centre  Pallady, less than 20 minutes from the Pallady commercial area and the Anghel Saligny metro station, and about 45 minutes from Bucharest city centre by car in the peak hours. The A2 highway provides quick access, and the upcoming A0 highway will further enhance connectivity, making it easier to reach the northern business districts of Bucharest in just 30 minutes. For the comfort of the residents, a shuttle bus is also available, connecting Liziera de Lac to the Anghel Saligny metro station.

To date, the developer has invested EUR 43.1 million in this project and including EUR 12.9 million for infrastructure and utilities. For instance, the company took initiative and funded the EUR 5 million traffic solution on the A2 highway prior to the opening of Fashion House Outlet Centre Pallady, that enhanced accessibility for residents of Cernica, Fundeni, and the wider Călărași area, while also expanding opportunities for future growth and economic development in this eastern region of Bucharest.

At the heart of Liziera de Lac lies a commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. The preservation of Lake Tătaru and the creation of a sprawling natural park spanning 13 hectares of pristine forest exemplify the project’s dedication to preserving the surrounding ecosystem. Additionally, innovative solutions for independent irrigation system, dual system for wastewater collection, self-owned drinking water and wastewater treatment stations, regulations prohibiting the use of pesticides and continuous testing of air quality underscore Liebrecht & wooD’s unwavering commitment to sustainable practices.



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