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Monique Hodgson: Inspiring and empowering women in the Business World

Monique Hodgson is the Founder and CEO of Mumble Forum, a global networking and brand support platform for women, dedicated to inspire, empower and support female-led businesses. An award-winning entrepreneur with a background in luxury brand strategy, Monique has become a leading figure in championing women’s rights, businesses and voices, fostering collective growth and sisterhood.

As dedicated CEO of Mumble Forum (Mumble Group Ltd), Monique is passionate about women’s personal and collective growth. A thriving community and brand support platform, Mumble Forum brings together a diverse mix of like-minded businesswomen, industry leaders, digital influencers and professionals, who share a common goal: to challenge biases, support and share knowledge. Monique’s vision for Mumble was to create a safe space in which women from all backgrounds could collectively build a legacy while inspiring and championing future generations.

Unique viewpoint and transferable skills

With over thirteen years’ experience in the field of luxury brand strategy (advising individuals, multinational corporations and governments), Monique has a unique viewpoint and transferable skills that have allowed her to adapt and understand various scenarios and individuals. However, her main objective has always been to help people and brands tell their stories more effectively.

Women together

Monique envisioned Mumble Forum in late 2019 and the platform launched on International Women’s Day in March 2020. After becoming a mother herself, Monique realised the immense potential denied by a workforce that was not supporting women adequately through this (and consequently all) stages of their lives. Monique was determined that women should feel united, encouraged and empowered in their shared role as mothers, and specifically as working mothers. Monique founded Mumble Forum to bring like-minded women together and to connect them with brands, organisations and industry experts.

More women are in leadership roles

Through the course of her career, Monique has witnessed notable changes on an individual and collective scale, and believes that we are moving towards a new era where diversity and inclusion is finally demanded, valued, and celebrated. More women are in leadership roles, and the past decade has seen a significant increase in female entrepreneurs, with over 252 million female-led businesses worldwide. Monique believes that the biggest driver of this change lies in the ambition and purpose-driven nature of this generation of women, determined to create a better life and future for themselves and future generations. Mumble Forum’s mission to champion, inspire and support working mothers is crucial at a time where possibility seems infinite, but where there is still work to be done. The gender pay gap remains a significant issue, as is the way the world perceives mothers, and the way mothers can perceive themselves.

Women know their worth

Monique is proud to work with businesses that recognise the potential of working mothers, and their creativity, curiosity, compassion and capability to drive intellectual capital and propel societies and economies forward. Equally, Monique is determined that women know their worth and can access the opportunities in order to thrive, personally and professionally. Each company and member joining Mumble Forum represents more of these opportunities, upheld by the hard work of Monique and her Mumble Forum team.

Is an honour to raise the next generation

Born into a family of strong female role models and businesswomen. Monique considers becoming a mother to be her greatest achievement and believes it is an honour to raise the next generation. Yet, Monique feels strongly that she is a better mother because she is energised, driven and inspired in the workplace, and that most inspiring of all is being able to make her children proud. Instilling her own experience into the leadership of Mumble Forum, Monique is able to support and empower women to believe they can in fact ‘have it all’, whilst recognising the inherent, life-juggling challenges. Monique’s advice? To set up the right support system, learn to delegate, and find your community. For an increasing number of members, Mumble Forum is the community that engages and encourages women to strive forwards in a way that works for them, and consequently, their family.

B2C and B2B relations

Monique is excited for the future of Mumble Forum. The Mumble Members APP is now live, facilitating B2C and B2B relations, whilst providing members with more tools, connections and mentorship opportunities. Combining Mumble’s extensive network of contacts, brands and location partners into a single digital space, members benefit from access to, and interaction with their trusted and supportive community, anywhere and anytime.

Generation of women

When asked for advice for women following in her footsteps, Monique emphasises the importance of never settling for labels, and is adamant that the famous ‘glass ceiling’ is made of glass because it’s meant to be broken. Monique believes that her generation of women must educate themselves on how lucky they are and how far they have come, whilst acknowledging and embracing their role in creating a better future where diversity, and women, are celebrated. This individual and collective ambition for women imbues Monique’s leadership at Mumble Forum, and makes it such a powerful platform and movement.

As the most influential women’s industry platform CEO of 2023 in the UK, Monique Hodgson has left an inedible mark on the business landscape. With Mumble Forum, Monique has created – and continues to create – a lasting legacy of empowerment, sisterhood and professional success.



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