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Interview with Rafael Goldfeld: The story and principles behind success in european Real Estate Investments

Rafael Goldfeld currently serves as the Co-CEO and Director of IBI Lion Socimi S.A. Previously, he held the positions of CEO and Director at real estate investment companies in Western Europe, and he was instrumental in co-founding real estate investment entities in both Europe and the United States, including a Spanish Reit.

C&B: Describe or define your activity!

Rafael Goldfeld:Ohad and I manage A European REIT company that enables direct investment in high quality, occupied and income producing real estate assets in Spain. The REIT invest in Logistics, life science and supermarket/hypermarkets located in major cities, with strong tenants and long leases.

C&B: How does the story of  your business evolve  sound?

Rafael Goldfeld:Ohad and I initiated our professional journey as legal practitioners, providing counsel to prominent public and private enterprises as well as institutional investors. Our responsibilities extended to steering commercial negotiations on behalf of sizable corporations, showcasing our expertise in the intricate landscape of legal and business affairs.

C&B: What were your visions in childhood/adolescence, and what are they now?

Rafael Goldfeld:In childhood and adolescence, my visions were filled with curiosity and a desire to explore various fields and understand more the ins and outs of our world. However, as I matured, my visions evolved. Today, I focus on personal growth, contributing positively to society, and balancing professional success and a fulfilling personal life. While the specifics have changed, the underlying aspiration for meaningful and impactful pursuits remains a constant.

C&B: What are the principles of life and activity to which it does not deviate, and what is their explanation?

Rafael Goldfeld:My guiding principles encompass integrity, resilience, continuous learning, empathy, balance, service, and adaptability. These principles steer my decisions, fostering personal and professional growth, maintaining ethical conduct, and contributing positively to the community.

C&B: How have pandemic, economic   crises  and  wars influenced your business?

Rafael Goldfeld:Furthermore, implementing inflation-linked leases has led to increased rents, providing a stable and predictable income stream. Our strategic investments have also played a crucial role in maintaining sustained occupancy levels despite external challenges.

C&B: What  advice/advice do you have for those who arejust starting out orundecided?

Rafael Goldfeld:For those just starting their careers or feeling undecided, my advice is to explore diverse interests, identifying passions and a fulfilling path. Build a network for insights and mentorship, embrace continuous learning to stay adaptable, and set clear goals for motivation. Seek mentorship from experienced professionals, view challenges as learning opportunities, and stay open-minded to unexpected but rewarding opportunities.

C&B: What are your perceptions about society and its evolution?

Rafael Goldfeld:My perceptions about society and its evolution include the observation that the world has become more unstable than before, with old norms being replaced by increased uncertainty in various parts of the world. This instability is marked by the rise of populist parties in the political arena, heightened tensions in trade between the USA and China, and a wave of fake news pushed by big corporations and foreign countries. We enjoyed relative stability in the world in the past 20 years since the collapse of the Soviet Union, and now we find ourselves on uncertain paths again. My hopes are that the values of democracy, free trade, and human rights will prevail, and that we will find a way to harness the benefits of social media while mitigating its obvious drawbacks



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