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Passion, determination, and the journey to entrepreneurship: Interview with Nicola Turchetta

Nicola Turchetta, a young and determined entrepreneur, is carving his path of growth with passion and dedication. His life journey, starting from working in his mother’s bar at a young age, has led him to proudly lead a technical office today. His ambitious vision drives him to pursue the dream of becoming an entrepreneur of excellence, always focused on success and achieving his goals.

C&B: What is your main activity, and what tasks does managing the technical office involve?

Nicola Turchetta: My main activity involves providing and organizing work for the company’s production, as well as managing clients and handling various related issues.

C&B: Can you share your work experience, from your youth to your current role as the head of the technical office?

Nicola Turchetta: My “career” story is quite simple. Since I was young, I’ve always been proactive, starting from serving at my mother’s bar as a child to working as a motorcycle mechanic in my adolescence. After graduation, I became the manager of a car and motorcycle inspection center, given my passion for engines and my inclination towards management, I was truly enthusiastic about it. However, over time, I realized that my passion didn’t provide me with much to live on, so I decided to work in a factory, seeking a better-paying job. In this adventure, I managed a production department, both organizationally and productively. As time went on, working without a goal wasn’t for me, so I always sought jobs that could provide personal growth, not just monetary growth. All of this brings me to where I am today. I still have a long way to go, but I’m sure that my goal is getting closer every day.

C&B: From a young age, you had an entrepreneurial aspiration. What drove you to pursue this dream, and how has your vision changed over the years?

Nicola Turchetta: My vision as a child was always different from that of my peers. Other kids dreamed of becoming police officers or football players, but I always dreamed of being an entrepreneur. Having my “hands” in various areas, independence, and above all, the possibility of a better life, have always been my goals. Over the years, I managed to achieve quite a few satisfactions, and even though I’m young, I’ve realized one thing. My burning desire to achieve entrepreneurship is not about owning expensive things but being able to say, “I did it.

C&B: You mentioned growth as a fundamental principle. How do you integrate personal and professional growth into your daily life?

Nicola Turchetta: I don’t know if it can be considered a life principle, but the only thing I can and will never give up on is growth in general. Stopping growing means standing still, and stopping in our era means succumbing to the world and remaining in ignorance.

C&B: How have events like crises, wars, and pandemics influenced your work and your perspective on life?

Nicola Turchetta: Various crises, wars, pandemics, etc., haven’t influenced my work much. Of course, the workload tends to be more variable and less stable than a few years ago, but everyone adapts. What these events changed in me is self-awareness and the decision not to waste time on things that distract attention from life’s real objectives.

C&B: What has been the most surprising or rewarding episode in your career so far?

Nicola Turchetta: My job involves anticipating possible issues and resolving problems, so I don’t have “funny” anecdotes. The only thing that left me stunned was some time ago when I collaborated as the right-hand man for a luxury handbag brand. After some time and invested work, I managed to create a collaboration between this brand and a golf circuit. The owner of this circuit said to me, “Nicola, at first, I didn’t even want to respond to your message on Linkedin. Given your young age, I thought you just wanted to sell me something, but fortunately, I did!” This episode made me reflect a lot and pleased me.

C&B: You mentioned your work philosophy as if the business were yours. How do you manage the relationship between employee and employer?

Nicola Turchetta: To my employers, to make them understand what kind of person I am, I’ve always said: I know that the work relationship between employee and employer is purely a matter of business. I intend to work as if the business were mine, but you have to allow me to bring improvements and work as a team because it’s the team that makes the difference, not the individual.

C&B: What advice do you give to those entering the world of work based on your experience?

Nicola Turchetta: The only advice I can give to those entering the world of work is: don’t focus solely on finding a job related to your passion. Gain various types of experiences and put passion into everything you do. You’ll see that you won’t regret it.

C&B: How have you seen society change after the pandemic, and what lessons have you learned from this change?

Nicola Turchetta: After the pandemic, society has changed, and we can say that it has had a significant acceleration. The world has changed completely within 2-3 years, so to those who still have the phrase in their heads, “We’ve always done it this way and will always do it this way,” I say, embrace progress, don’t deny it. Learn from past mistakes, yes, but don’t stay stuck in them.



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