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Luca Bottone – the quintessence of an executive manager dedicated to the growth of companies.

Luca Bottone embodies the quintessence of an executive manager dedicated to the growth of companies and success in implementing complex projects. His expertise extends beyond the professional realm, as he is also a passionate jazz guitarist and a sophisticated connoisseur of art, design, and wines. With a career spanning consulting firms, financial intermediaries, and currently industrial organizations, he has accumulated nearly 20 years of experience, successfully navigating various business dimensions from start-ups to scale-ups. Currently, he leads one of the largest scale-up projects in the industrial sector, actively contributing to progress in the green and circular economy to drive energy transition and preserve our planet. His spirit of exploration and creation is also evident in his love for travel, having visited numerous nations on every continent. This experience has not only broadened his cultural horizons but has also contributed to building a global network of relationships. Those around him describe him as an empathetic and caring leader, capable of inspiring and motivating others. His business vision and project management skills position him as a visionary, forward-thinking thinker, and innovator who constantly pushes for change.

C&B: Provide a description or define your business!

Luca Bottone: In deWol Industries, I am passionately dedicated to leading the Group towards exponential growth and success. My strategic leadership, financial management, and interaction with the investor community and financial institutions are the focal points of my commitment. At the same time, my responsibilities extend to chairing other companies within the Group and participating on various Boards of Directors, reinforcing my commitment to enhancing deWol Industries’ global financial power.

My role as Executive and General Manager is crucial to ensuring the Group’s success. Coordinating and optimizing operational activities is my primary mission, transforming set goals into tangible results. My leadership extends across every aspect of the organization, supporting strategic development and ensuring that each initiative reflects the Group’s long-term vision.

Leading deWol Industries has shaped my perspective and skills, and I am determined to continue guiding the company in its path of growth and success. Every decision and action we take are driven by the passion to consolidate the Group’s financial power, positioning it as a leader in the windows and solar shading industry and generating lasting value for investors and all stakeholders.

C&B: What is the evolution story of your business?

Luca Bottone: My fascinating professional journey began in 2007 as a consultant, where I quickly climbed the ranks from consultant to Senior and then to Manager. This adventure in the consulting world immersed me in an environment dedicated to promoting and supporting the growth of businesses, banks, and institutions through innovative financial strategies and risk management development. I also had the opportunity to lead multidisciplinary projects, developing cross-functional skills that are hard to acquire in more vertical career paths.

The course of my career underwent a significant transformation when I chose to join the banking group Banca Farmafactoring S.p.A. Initially, in the role of Project Leader, I successfully led the acquisition of the banking license. From January 2013, following the transition from a factoring company to a banking group, I was honored with the appointment as Chief Risk Officer. During my tenure in this role, I contributed to operational expansion in Italy, opening branches in many European states. I orchestrated complex financing strategies and played an active role in acquisitions and the company’s IPO.

My path then led me to Banca Progetto S.p.A., where I served as Chief Risk Officer. In this position, I managed the risk function and chaired the Internal Controls Committee, overseeing the implementation of processes and systems to manage, monitor, and report risks. I effectively managed the run-off of traditional banking products, contributing to the launch of new business models and innovative products such as factoring, personal loans, and loans to SMEs.

Later, I took on the role of Chief Lending & Risk Models Officer at Credimi S.p.A., the fastest-growing FinTech company in Europe in the SME lending sector. During this period, I led all Credit Department activities, developing risk models and portfolio data analysis. Under my guidance, originations exceeding 1.5 billion were coordinated with an Annual Expected Loss of 0.5%. I also led key projects for internationalizing the business and launching new products.

My career reached new heights in 2020 when I was called to lead deWOL Industries as Executive Director and General Manager. In this role, I lead the largest industrial aggregation project in the luxury products sector for residential restructuring and energy redevelopment of buildings. The company experienced explosive growth, going from 10 to 250 million in revenue, with the deWol Industries Group now comprising over 800 employees, 7 companies, and 8 facilities in Italy.

My career is an exciting sequence of extraordinary challenges and significant successes. From financial consulting to banking innovation and leadership in the FinTech sector, each phase has shaped my perspective and skills. My current role at deWol INDUSTRIES represents an exciting challenge, and I am thrilled to continue leading this company and this large industrial group on its path of growth and success.

C&B: What were your childhood/adolescent visions, and what are they now?

Luca Bottone: As a child and adolescent, economics was like a magical world to me. I was fascinated by the idea that financial decisions could shape the destinies of individuals and businesses. I had big dreams, wanting to understand the secret behind the numbers dancing on screens and the decisions influencing markets.

Now, looking back, I can say that the journey has been exhilarating. The passion I had as a young person has grown, fueled by the excitement of every success and resilience in challenging times. Becoming a successful professional in the field of finance is an achievement that fills me with gratitude.

My current vision is permeated with a mix of pride for what has been achieved and the excitement of what still lies ahead. I want to continue being a catalyst for financial opportunities for myself and others. My passion is anchored in the awareness that financial choices can make a difference in people’s lives, and I am committed to guiding my path with a heart full of enthusiasm and determination.

C&B: What are the life and business principles you do not compromise on, and what is their explanation?

Luca Bottone: My success is rooted in some key principles that form the foundation of my life and business. Firstly, perseverance is crucial. Persevering in my goals and actions allows me to advance with determination; perseverance is a characteristic that transcends cultural or knowledge levels but is the basis for any success.

Additionally, perfectibility is an invaluable principle. Facing challenges with a spirit of perfectibility, aiming for perfection in the precise awareness that it does not exist, has taught me to learn from difficulties, constantly question myself, try to improve progressively and incrementally, and thus emerge stronger every day.

Authentic leadership is another principle I value. Creating an environment where others can grow and excel is essential for long-term success, and the only way to do that is to establish a culture of feedback and listening with everyone.

Finally, passion guides every move of mine. When you work with passion, you have the energy and motivation needed to overcome every obstacle, knowing that all the things you do have less exciting moments than others.

In summary, perseverance, perfectibility, authentic leadership, and passion are the pillars on which I build my success, providing a solid foundation for every aspect of my life and business.

C&B: How have the pandemic, economic crises, and wars influenced/affected your business?

Luca Bottone: In response to pandemic, economic, and conflict crises, we adopted a strategy of adaptation, investing in innovation and digital transformation. We strengthened risk management, maintained a focus on people, diversified activities internationally, and identified new business opportunities. This approach not only allowed us to overcome challenges but also to grow sustainably in the long term.

C&B: Share some amusing situations from your business!

Luca Bottone: One day, a client burst into the company with photos of his house post-fire, and the unexpected hero was our window! In resistance tests, we already excelled, but seeing our creation defy the flames was like a real-life superhero episode. Sure, we were beating competitors in tests, but surviving a fire? That’s the next level of resilience! We’re transitioning from window designers to creators of actual fire-resistant superheroes. If this isn’t advertising!

C&B: You have a potential client or partner in front of you. What is the phrase that convinces them?

Luca Bottone: We are the only company to have developed design products with a green focus and a price/service ratio far superior to any competitor;

In a crowded market, we differentiate ourselves not only for our dedication to ecology but also for the accessibility we offer. We take pride in challenging stereotypes, demonstrating that beauty and sustainability can coexist harmoniously without compromises.

C&B: What advice do you have for someone starting out or undecided?

Luca Bottone: Envision your first day as the first chapter of an extraordinary story. Take time to get to know the people around you, not only as colleagues but as unique individuals. Ask for help when you need it; the courage to do so is the key to growth.

Avoid monotonous routines. Embrace new challenges, step out of your comfort zone, and set bold goals. Trust in your abilities, promote your successes, and honor every step forward.

Build an authentic network of contacts. Beyond professional connections, they are bridges to opportunities and wisdom. Be curious, attend networking events, and use suitable platforms. Live your adventure with enthusiasm, courage, and openness. Every step counts.

C&B: What are your perceptions of society and its evolution?

Luca Bottone: Views on society and its evolution are influenced by corporate awareness. In an era where sustainability drives business, I believe that social and environmental responsibility is essential for the long-term prosperity of companies.

Society is the stage where businesses must play an active role in shaping ethical and environmental standards. Sustainability not only meets the expectations of modern consumers but represents a crucial driver for economic growth and the creation of a competitive advantage.

In short, sustainability is not just an ethical option but a catalyst for business success in today’s commercial landscape.



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