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Through the Professional’s Eyes: A Conversation with Optometrist Gyuri Bodi

Gyuri Bodi is a distinguished professional in the field of optometry, with a vast experience of 25 years and an expert in prescribing progressive lenses and contact lenses. His passion is evident in every step of patient interaction. Besides his primary work, Gyuri has also been a professional trainer for 20 years, sharing his knowledge with peers in the field with great dedication.

C&B: How would you describe your work?

Gyuri Bodi: I conduct comprehensive and complex consultations. I prefer to consider myself attentive to the patients’ needs, but also meticulous; I am extremely rigorous in my work. These characteristics are reflected in the satisfaction and visible joy in my patients’ eyes. Regarding professional development, I have contributed to the creation and development of a network of premium optical centers nationwide: Optiplaza. Additionally, I have been a trainer for ZEISS in Romania since 2011.

C&B: What can you tell me about BEST OPTIC?

Gyuri Bodi: In 2008, I founded the BEST OPTIC concept, centers of excellence in optometry located in Brasov, which represent a benchmark in the field both in Romania and internationally. I became a mentor and formed a team of passionate professionals. Together with three colleagues from my team, we initiated the professional courses OptoLearning in 2020, thus contributing to the improvement of optometry standards in our country.

C&B: When did your journey towards everything you have achieved today begin?

Gyuri Bodi: My career as an optometrist began 25 years ago, being part of the first generation of graduates in the specialization in Romania. At that time, earning the respect and appreciation of ophthalmologists was not easy at all. My mentor was one of the most respected ophthalmologists in the country. Motivated by the desire to surpass him, I was determined to become the best in the field. The name of the office, BEST OPTIC, reflects this ambition.

The journey from high-performance athlete to optometry specialist

Gyuri Bodi: In my childhood, I practiced fencing at a performance level, being part of the national Olympic team for 12 years. Although at that age, I did not have specific “visions,” I was always competitive, ambitious, and consistent. These traits characterize me even now. This year, I have planned a sabbatical year, meaning a year without new projects or plans, enjoying the balance and inner peace that being “present” offers me.

C&B: What personal values do you rely on in your work?

Gyuri Bodi: Principles are essential in life, guiding and shaping us as individuals. These range from punctuality to ethics. My personal values reflect my attitude and taking responsibility in everything I do. Responsibility is a key aspect in the process of maturation. Also, I place great emphasis on helping others.

C&B: Have economic crises influenced your activity?

Gyuri Bodi: Yes, and in a positive way! During the 2008-2010 period, refusing to compromise on quality, a common tendency in those times, brought me long-term benefits after the crisis.

C&B: What benefits did these periods bring you?

Gyuri Bodi: The COVID-19 pandemic taught me to be more cautious and organized. After the pandemic, I adopted a strategy of vertical development, not horizontal. Another benefit was the improvement of time management, both personally and in my team, focusing on the truly important and efficient aspects.

C&B: Do you have examples of funny situations encountered in your activity?

Gyuri Bodi: A patient wore glasses with reversed diopters for four years without being bothered, only the lenses were scratched. Initially, I did not know whether to leave them as is or to correct according to the prescription. I involved the patient in the decision, and everything went well. Also, a blinking tic common to many patients manifested in me while a patient was describing their symptoms.

C&B: What message do you have for a potential client, partner, or employer?

Gyuri Bodi: I have learned to promise less and deliver more. I prefer to let the facts speak instead of words; I do not believe in preset phrases to convince someone.

C&B: What advice do you have for those at the start of their career?

Gyuri Bodi: Those at the beginning of their career should be patient and consistent. Small steps lead to satisfaction. Involvement and passion can make a significant difference.

C&B: How do you see today’s society?

Gyuri Bodi: Today’s society is marked by an unprecedented dynamism and predisposition to change. Consumerism predominates, and personal and local values tend to fade. However, I believe that tough times forge strong characters, and our affluent society offers us countless opportunities, regardless of the standard of living.



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