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With director Victoria Baltag, discussing life roles and the luxury tea box

Victoria Baltag is a film director, entrepreneur, scholar activist, journalist and sociologist. Double bachelor graduate (Sociology and Journalism, both bachelors at the University of Bucharest), Victoria Baltag obtained, in 2010, a master’s degree in Management and International Marketing at the Academy of Economic Studies, and in 2011 she completed another master’s degree, in Film, History and Television, this time at the University of Birmingham. Currently, she is  doing a PhD in film studies  at Queen’s University Belfast. In 2023, she launched an event film, Pitesti Experiment, the last feature with ‘’Mission Impossible’’ actor Ion Caramitru, in distribution to Pitesti Experiment. Also in 2023, she directed the documentary ‘Titus Munteanu – A life in Television‘.   In 2022, Victoria patented a new tea recipe and sells her Silk Tea Experience – a luxury tea box. In 2023 she also started a business in scented candles using soy and palm wax.

C&B: What is the director and entrepreneur Victoria Baltag up to these days?

Victoria Baltag: I share my professional activity between film production and film directing, academic activity and the commercialization of two products patented by me, namely a Silk Tea Experience and a collection of scented candles.

In 2023 have launched my first feature film, a true story happened in Romania, known as the re-education phenomenon and the experiment in Pitesti prison. I have conducted more than four years research to document this topic and checked out information in communism archives in Romania, in history books and, most importantly, took interviews with the Pitesti experiment survivors and their families. The film is independent, funded by mere donations and services of those who contributed to this endeavour. I have made this film because it is important to know the past in order to develop further in a healthy society.

This film was screened in film festival and academic establishments in Mexico, USA, Canada, Peru, Columbia and Europe.In the UK will be seen in Cineworld Cinema starting with 23rd of January 2024.

Furthermore, last year I have completed a documentary film about the history of Romanian television, the entertainment industry in Romania, the influence that communism had on media as well as on the society and the ’89 Romanian revolution insights. ‘’Titus Munteanu – A life in Television’’ is a documentary film made in partnership with the National Romanian Television which provided footage archive for the film. The project is independent as well, and I have made it because of the grand respect I have to the one who was the TV producer, Titus Munteanu.

The documentary was broadcasted on the national Television in Romania (TVR1) on 29th of December 2023, and online (available still) on TVR Plus.

My Silk Tea Experience is a luxury tea box which contains 10 crocheted 100% cotton teabags, a small bottle of burnt wine, the recipe of the new tea, information about the health factors when drinking it, the uniqueness seal of the product (each box is unique and I am selling a limited edition per collection), the sustainability information and a small present. My candle business respects the same policy: hand-made,  unique, limited edition,  distinctive, and informative.

C&B: Is the career going well alongside the businesses?

Victoria Baltag: Why not? I believe they complement each other perfectly. I am working as a filmmaker since 2011. To launch my Pitesti Experiment feature film took me 12 years. In regards to academia, I was always passionate about education since I believe that knowledge makes us wiser, helps us find solutions and gives a better world understanding. Related to my Silk Tea Experience, well, the idea came two years ago and I have launch it through Kickstarter. About the scented candles, can say that it is a quite fresh start-up.



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