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Integrating Aesthetics and Mental Health: Dr. Josh Asubiaro’s Holistic Medical Practice

GMC-registered doctor with over a decade of experience, Dr. Josh Asubiaro seamlessly merges aesthetics with mental health in his practice. Patients find solace in his warm demeanour, feeling instantly at ease under his care. Through his smiling approach, Dr. Asubiaro not only transforms appearances but also uplifts spirits, understanding the profound link between physical appearance and mental well-being. His practice isn’t just about procedures; it’s about creating positive experiences that resonate long after the visit. With testimonials echoing gratitude, Dr. Asubiaro’s vision extends beyond the clinic, envisaging a future where holistic care is the cornerstone of medical practice.

C&B: Describe your professional activity!

Josh Asubiaro: I am Dr Josh and I am a GMC-registered medical doctor with over a decade of experience, uniquely combining the fields of aesthetics and mental health. My practice focuses on enhancing physical appearance while simultaneously addressing mental well-being, offering a comprehensive approach to improving confidence and self-perception.

C&B: What is the story of your career progression?

Josh Asubiaro: My career has been a journey of merging two passions: the desire to help people feel better about their external selves and the commitment to support their internal mental health. After completing my medical degree in Romania, a country I love so much and have evident ties with, I moved back to the UK and specialised in psychiatry, recognising early on the profound connection between mind and body. My interest in aesthetics grew as I observed the positive psychological impact of self-improvement practices. This dual-focus approach has defined my career, allowing me to offer holistic care that addresses both appearance and emotional well-being.

C&B: What were your childhood/adolescent dreams, and what are they now?

Josh Asubiaro: As a child, I was fascinated by the human mind and how it affects every aspect of our being, dreaming of becoming a doctor to understand and heal those internal struggles. Over time, this dream evolved to incorporate the aesthetic aspect, understanding that how we perceive ourselves externally can significantly impact our mental health. Today, my dream is to continue breaking down the barriers between physical and mental health care, fostering a world where comprehensive wellness is accessible to all.

C&B: What are the life and work principles you follow?

Josh Asubiaro: My core principles revolve around empathy, integrity, and the holistic view of health. I believe in treating each individual with compassion, understanding their unique story, and providing tailored care that addresses both their mental and physical needs. Continual learning and adapting to the latest evidence-based practices in both aesthetics and psychiatry are also principles I live by, ensuring my patients receive the best possible care.

C&B: Have the pandemic and economic crises influenced your professional life?

Josh Asubiaro: Significantly so. The pandemic underscored the importance of mental health support, as many struggled with isolation and anxiety. It also brought a surge in interest in aesthetic improvements, perhaps due to the increased visibility on video calls. Economic challenges have made me more mindful of making my services accessible and ensuring they offer meaningful value to my patients, adapting to provide support in these trying times.

C&B: Can you share any amusing situations from your professional experience?

Josh Asubiaro: Sure! Once, during a consultation, a patient humorously referred to their desire for a “facelift” as wanting to “upload their mental refresh to their exterior.” This light-hearted comment sparked a deep conversation about the interplay between mental and physical rejuvenation. It’s moments like these that highlight the joy and humanity in our work.

C&B: You have a potential client/partner or employer in front of you. What’s the sentence that convinces them?

Josh Asubiaro:My unique expertise in both aesthetics and mental health offers a comprehensive approach to wellness, focusing not just on how you look, but how you feel, ensuring every treatment plan enhances both your confidence and emotional well-being.”

C&B: What advice do you have for beginners or those who are undecided?

Josh Asubiaro: To those starting or undecided, remember that the field of health is broad and interconnected. Explore areas that resonate with both your interests and values, and don’t be afraid to carve out a niche that combines different disciplines. The intersection of aesthetics and mental health, for example, is profoundly rewarding, offering the chance to make a tangible difference in people’s lives.

C&B: What is your opinion about society and its evolution?

Josh Asubiaro: Society is increasingly recognising the importance of mental health and its inseparable connection to physical well-being. This evolution towards a more holistic understanding of health is encouraging, as it paves the way for integrated care approaches. By continuing to break down stigmas and advocating for comprehensive wellness, we can foster a more empathetic and supportive community.



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