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Portrait of a Successful Lawyer: Emilio Alonso Luque Ascanio and His Journey in the Business World

Emilio Alonso Luque Ascanio is a lawyer with a long-standing career. Since 2008, he has played a pivotal role in the sector, leading his own law firm in Bucharest. His entrepreneurial vision led him to actively engage in the interests that Spanish investors might have in Romania, facilitating their entry into the market through various mechanisms. This has propelled him to the forefront of professionals participating in the Spanish Business Association in Romania (ASEMER), holding the position of president since 2020.

C&B: Describe your activity.
Emilio Luque: A significant part of my daily activity revolves around resolving various cases opened at the firm. This entails total adaptation, as their nature involves a dynamism difficult to reconcile with a routine. We must also add the responsibility of the role within ASEMERR, which also requires attention without being restricted by hours. I am able to successfully manage all daily challenges because I have always prioritized surrounding myself with professionals who understand the business perspective, and of course, thanks to the support of my family.

C&B: How has your career/business evolved?
Emilio Luque: Since completing my studies, I have been aware that my path would lead to opening my own business. After enriching experiences working for others, the opportunity arose, and I decided to embark on a journey that has continued for over 15 years.

C&B: What were your visions in childhood/adolescence and what are they now?
Emilio Luque: Like any adult, as the years go by, you become more aware that the utopian ideals set in childhood must give way to an activity marked by objectivity in line with the environments in which the world moves, especially the business world and current markets. Globalization has brought excellent opportunities, but also challenges that must be approached with humility and continuous learning because the perfect competitive market studied in classrooms, unfortunately, does not exist, and if we want to maintain and grow, as is my case, it requires us to be willing to continuously adapt.

C&B: What are the life and work principles you follow?
Emilio Luque: Regardless of how much society advances, success in almost all its aspects depends on interpersonal relationships, so how we interact with others will inevitably mark our path. Therefore, my main effort is to understand people and the situations and circumstances they face (fundamental in my field) and to build a professional relationship based on these.

C&B: Have pandemic and economic crises affected your activity?
Emilio Luque: My business fundamentally depends on the investments made by other entrepreneurs and the circumstances that arise from them. Given the context generated by the pandemic and other economic crises, they have affected the activity of the firm and the association, but I can proudly say that we have successfully faced them.

C&B: Can you share any amusing situations?
Emilio Luque: Throughout my professional life, there have been plenty, especially as a Spanish lawyer in Romania, but I’ll save them for another occasion 🙂

C&B: You have a potential client/partner or employer in front of you. What’s the phrase you use to convince them?
Emilio Luque: As I mentioned earlier, the nature of my activity brings me into contact with professionals from different and multiple fields, there is no magic phrase that convinces them. In my case, it’s much more analytical and personalized.

C&B: What advice do you have for those who are starting out or are undecided?
Emilio Luque: I believe any entrepreneur will agree with me that perseverance is fundamental. It’s the quality that keeps someone firm in their decisions because behind every effort, they can see what initially led them to make those decisions.

C&B: What is your opinion on society and its evolution?
Emilio Luque: In recent years, we have witnessed a dizzying change in society. Technological evolution has shaken the foundations of the world as we knew it, and I believe it’s absolutely necessary to understand how to combine the knowledge and experience of other generations with the innovation of millennials and Generation Z in order to blend and harmonize modern society. And this brings me back to the principle that we should all adapt in terms of understanding people and their circumstances.



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